An Important step of green revolution – Sustainable Agriculture & Food Innovation


During the period of 1960s to 1970s, in the field of agriculture, an extreme innovation is seemed to happen in the form of Green Revolution.  In between this period you will about to notice one of the extreme researches had done in want of more food to quench the thirst and hunger of the growing populace and to solve the problem of the voracious problems also. That was just the beginning, and even today we are also getting the benefits of it in huge manner. And this movement also encourages growing the superior kind of crops in vast amount, and through the path you will also notice one of the best items of the town also.

By introducing these modern methods of irrigation, the agriculture of the world seems to take a gigantic manner and it also helps to grow more food from a little land even in the repeated manner. As today the ways of the modern farming practices are emerging in rapid manner, the necessity for sustainable cultivation was broaden from financial and food sustainability to ecological and social sustainability and it is also helps us to maintain the equilibrium of the food and the takers. And now not only in the agricultural land but also in the horticulture, sugar, meat and the other grains are also rearing through the process of the Sustainable agriculture. Unlike the previous times, of the time of the Green revolution the quantity of the land is not as the same as before, so if we want the continuous supply of the foods that we must initiate the process of sustainable agriculture and the food innovation just as the country Australia, in which the process is supported by the government also.

In order to educate people in right manner in the case of the sustainable agriculture and it also encourages to running many agriculture schools which could help you in real manner. And through the various agricultural courses people can now equip their carrier also. And if you look into the country like Australia, the term Sustainable agriculture is not only a buzzing term only. To them it is actually the extreme business. In amidst the extreme climate, in the limited span of land, they increased chemical variability and all this leads to a great prosperity to the extreme business.  But this is not the enough. If we can’t prosper in the process then this effort is not completely able to fulfil all the criteria’s of it also. Maintaining the Eco balance, the city is ready to prosper in the field of it. and you can very much able to get the blessings also in the recent future.

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